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6 Secrets For Healthy Eating Habits

6 Secrets For Healthy Eating Habits

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6 secret healthy eating habits can easily be created. These 6 secrets for healthy eating habits sit in plain view of us all. We simply need to pay attention to them.

I get asked now and then when having coffee with some friends if I starve myself to keep slim. While they tuck into a large slice of cream sponge with a dollop of cream on top, I’m happy with a coffee.

I will admit though, that there was a time when I would happily have eaten cake and cream. But I began to feel lumbered and slow, and I didn’t like it.

So I took myself in hand and decided I didn’t need cake and cream every time, but I would save it as a treat.

That’s how I managed to wean myself off the unnecessary sweet stuff. So I began my 6 secrets for healthy eating habits. I haven’t looked back.

No need to starve yourself

There is absolutely no need to starve yourself in order to enjoy 6 healthy eating habits. And you can, and should toss those fad diet sheets in the bin immediately.

We all know they don’t work anyway. All they do is leave you feeling hungry and depressed and nothing more.

But, if you create these 6 secrets for healthy eating habits, you’ll feel lighter, happier and always in a much better mood. You’ll see your hair shining, your skin clearer, your eyes brighter, honestly, by beginning new and healthy eating habits.

Enjoy 6 secret healthy eating habits

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m living proof that you can enjoy consistent results with a healthy diet. And with my 6 secrets for healthy eating habits, you can achieve really good health.

Moreover, you can still have your treats, but not every day, and pretty soon you won’t even give them a bad thought.

But here to help is The fast diet cookbook, written by Dr Michael Mosley. You have 150 delicious meals. And because they’re calorie-controlled you’ll find that your fasting days will be easier.

Dr Michael Mosley Gut Health

6 secrets for healthy eating habits

Dr Michael Mosley is a favourite of mine because he’s a mine of information on healthy eating habits, and as down-to-earth, as they come, therefore it’s so easy to take his advice.

He well knows about the 6 secrets for healthy eating…and so much more about healthy guts…worth reading even one of his books.

The Clever Gut Diet is a particular favourite of mine. I believe Dr Mosley when he says that all our health problems stem from our gut. And I also believe that if we listen to our bodies they will tell us exactly what we need to know.

I have never been on a diet, always conscious of these 6 secrets for healthy eating habits, thanks to my parents, and Dr Michael Mosley.

However, as I got older I began to have battles with belly fat for quite some time. And I simply believed it was part and parcel of getting older and you just had to get on with it.

I felt uncomfortable and tried desperately to wear clothes that disguised my bulge and flattered and slimmed my overall look. But more importantly, I was also aware that belly fat can be a danger for heart attacks and strokes.

My Occasional Treat

As an older lady, (I’m a proud granny) I still want to keep my 6 healthy eating habits and stay slim, more especially to feel well. So I gradually cut out potatoes when I discovered through elimination that they caused immediate bloating.

Then went the bread and butter, now saved for my occasional treat, as are potatoes. Pasta has gone too but never missed.

It might be different for you, trial and error is the thing. Here is a video of a really handy rule of thumb, fist actually. Thanks to Sharp HealthCare – San Diego’s Care Leader.

6 Secrets For Healthy Eating Habits

1. Drink water instead of sweet and soft drinks, simply do not buy them.

2. Eliminate foods that make you feel bloated, also biscuits and cakes with your morning and afternoon tea/coffee.

3. Eat fresh fruit, increasing up to 5 pieces throughout the day, keeps hunger at bay. Flattens your belly and helps you feel good.

4. Fish or chicken taste yummy with green vegetables tossed with good olive oil/balsamic vinegar and topped with pine or other nuts, smashed if preferred.

5. Avoid eating too late in the evening and get a good night’s sleep!

6. Last but not least, stand while working at your computer. You can place a small stand similar to a bed tray, on your desk. This can be purchased quite cheaply.

Then you can incorporate some healthy stretches and dance movements. Health experts everywhere are shouting at us to keep moving because sitting in a chair for hours on end is a killer.

Birthday Treats

Enjoy your treat in between, eventually, you might forget it, except maybe for birthdays, and only indulge now and then. I’m not a doctor, and wouldn’t dream of trying to give medical advice here.

I am saying though, that this works for me and I feel sure it will work for most of you. I’m also not on any medication and in my case I’m convinced it’s due to my 6 secrets for healthy eating habits.6 secrets for healthy eating habits

Try it, you have nothing to lose, well, except a bit of belly fat, and all the other good healthy stuff to gain.

It’s so good to be in control of our bodies and our health, I’m sure you’ll agree. I love it and thrive on it. Be sure to keep moving too.

I find the above video is an excellent guide when it comes to filling your plate, that is of course if your plate is not a giant one. So you see it’s not very difficult to establish and keep to 6 secret healthy eating habits after all.

Among the many other great books of Dr Mosley’s are 2 more that I love to have in my arsenal of cookbooks and they are:

The Fast Diet and The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet.

There’s quite a bit of ammunition for you to start building a healthier body, and one that you’ll love.


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