6 Secrets For Healthy Habits

Simple Healthy Habits


You can create daily, simple healthy habits. These 6 secrets for healthy habits sit in plain view of us all. We simply need to pay attention to them.There is absolutely no need to starve yourself in order to enjoy 6 healthy habits. And you can, and should toss those fad diet sheets in the bin immediately. We all know they don’t work anyway. All they do is leave you feeling hungry and depressed and nothing more.

You can still have your treats

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m living proof that you can enjoy consistent results with a healthy diet. And with my 6 secrets for healthy habits you can achieve really good health. Moreover, you can still have your treats, but not every day, and

pretty soon you won’t even give them a bad thought.  savoury birthday cake slice

Dr.Michael Mosley is a favourite of mine because he’s a mine of information on the subject, and as down-to-earth as they come, therefore so easy to take his advice. He knows so much about the gut and healthy eating…worth reading even one of his books.

Dr.Michael Mosley


I have never been on a diet, always conscious of  these 6 secrets for healthy habits, thanks to my parents. However, as I got older I began to have battles with belly fat for quite some time. I felt uncomfortable and tried desperately to wear clothes that disguised my bulge and flattered and slimmed my over all look. But more importantly I was also aware that belly fat can be a danger for heart attacks and strokes.

My Occasional Treat

As an older lady, (I’m a proud granny) I still want to keep my 6 healthy habits and stay slim, more especially to feel well. So I gradually cut out potatoes that caused immediate bloating. Then went the bread and butter, now saved for my occasional treat, as are potatoes. Pasta has gone too but never missed. It might be different for you, elimination is the thing. Enough about me.

6 Secrets For Healthy Habits

1. Drink water instead of sweet and soft drinks, simply do not buy them.

2. Eliminate foods that make you feel bloated, also biscuits and cakes with your morning and afternoon tea.

3. Eat fresh fruit, increasing up to 5 pieces throughout the day, keeps hunger at bay. Flattens your belly and helps you feel good.

4. Fish or chicken taste yummy with green vegetables tossed with good olive oil/balsamic vinegar and topped with pine or other nuts, smashed if preferred.

5. Avoid eating too late in the evening and get a good night’s sleep!

6. Last but not least, stand while working at your computer. You can place a small stand similar to a bed tray, on your  desk. This can be purchased quite cheaply. Then you can incorporate some healthy stretches and dance movements. Health experts everywhere are shouting at us to keep moving because sitting in a chair for hours on end is a killer.

Birthday Treats

Enjoy your treat in between, eventually you might forget it, except maybe for birthdays, and only indulge now and then. I’m not a doctor, and wouldn’t dream of trying to give medical advice here. I am saying though, that this works for me and I feel sure it will work for most of you. I’m also not on any medication and in my case I’m convinced it’s due to my 6 secrets for healthy habits.

Try it, you have nothing to lose, well, except a bit of belly fat, and all the other good healthy stuff to gain.

It’s so good to be in control of our bodies and our health, I’m sure you’ll agree. I love it and thrive on it.