We’ve all heard I’m sure about the dangers of plastic and in particular to our children, birds and sea-life. It’s my wish and hope for the future of mankind that we’ll all wake up to the hazards of plastics.

Actually hazards is putting it mildly. Our very survival as a human race depends upon us cleaning up our seas and oceans. And also ceasing to continue to just dispose of this dangerous material anywhere we feel like dumping it.

Thankfully more people are becoming very aware of the awful things we are doing to our planet, ourselves and future generations…

So we are taking serious action to try and stop or curtail the damage as much as we can. For instance in our kitchens many of us have gone back to using alternative food containers.Like metal straws,cups,bowls,plates cutlery and glass bottles.

It’s not hard to do, we managed years ago and now we have the advantage of dishwashers.

My ultimate wish is for a healthier, happier future without plastic for my children, grandchildren and in fact our whole human race…we are at risk of losing so much if we all do not look after our planet!  

I’m Irish, living in Australia. I spent ten years in France with my husband while he worked on the reservations system, for the TGV and Eurostar fast trains. His contract was to be a two year one, but luckily for us it lasted for ten…

We came back to Australia just in time for the birth of our first grandchild and now we have 4 wonderful grandchildren. And included in our brood we have 5 gorgeous grandpooches.

I write this blog because I want a healthy future for them and their children, and I need to bring attention to the horrors of using plastic and it’s waste.

Kay Collier, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author