Are You Feeling Tired And Weary

Are you feeling tired and weary

Are you feeling tired and weary? I don’t blame you, you do your utmost to give your baby the very best. Every day and every night. However, sleep is a problem for the babies of many new parents.

Like my daughter but with her second child. He was a beautiful, healthy baby and everything went swimmingly while in the hospital.  Frangipani This post contains affiliate links

Patient Even When Tired and Weary

But when they got home everything changed and eventually became a nightmare. I have to say that during these hellish 18 months or so, my daughter had the patience of a saint. And even when she was so tired and weary.

I’d like to say too that she takes after me, but I would be lying. She will forever have my admiration, as she also had a 2 year old daughter in tow.

I was privileged to be available to help of course, in any way I could. So I thoroughly enjoyed looking after my toddler granddaughter. The beautiful thing is that the bond we share will never be broken.

Tired and Weary to the Baby Sleep Hospital


My daughter followed everyone’s advice, right down to taking her baby son to the special baby sleep hospital for a couple of nights, to no avail. Then she drove miles away to a specialist doctor who massaged my tiny grandson’s head.

Baby Sleeping with pet dog with help from Miracle Sound

This would surely be the answer but my baby grandson had other ideas. And he was fighting sleep.

So Weary But Always Love and Concern 

By this stage my daughter was absolutely exhausted, but she still struggled on. I don’t know how she did it, I can only imagine that her love and concern for her baby got her through.

And after 18 months he decided to sleep and enjoy life, a pure joy to see. Of course no one believes it was that simple, and it’s still a mystery. How wonderful it could have been had we known about Mary- Ann Schuler.

Author Mary-Ann Schuler is a clinical psychologist and mother with more than 20 years of experience in child psychology. Her Baby Sleep Miracle Guide provides parents with a simple and easy-to-apply solution to regulate the sleeping pattern of their children.

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