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How To Lose Belly Fat And Have Treats

How to Lose Belly Fat And Have Treats

You too can lose belly fat and have treats.

You can easily cut out the bloating food stuffs.

You can also get a little extra help which I’ll get to a bit later.

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I am of the post menopausal age group and beyond, and while it’s not nice when you experience

those hot flushes (that’s what we call them in Europe), it’s brutal when you put on weight.

As in belly fat, you can’t seem to control. But guess what? You can.

Lose belly fat and have treats too.

And I’m living proof that it can be done. I decided to do a little test on what I was eating that seemed to cause not only weight gain but really awful bloating and belly fat.

And it didn’t take too long in my case to discover that when I cut down on potatoes, pasta and bread and butter, which I love, I began to feel lighter and better in many ways.

Then it was easy to cut down drastically on biscuits and chocolate. It could be different foods in your case. Just do trial and error.

3 Foods To Cut Out To Lose Belly Fat

Cut out 3 food items that  make you feel bloated and give you that belly fat look.

1.Pasta, the big bloater of all time.

2.Potatoes, eat them as a treat.

3.Bread, especially with butter, too yummy.

You know what the great thing about this is?
It’s that you can have treats of all the things that you love and know that in a couple of days you can repair the damage.

And you don’t have to be young to accomplish it, the difference is, that what we oldies eat shows up instantly, (slow metabolism and all that) but the beauty is that we can still control it while enjoying all the healthy stuff and having treats as well.

Tweaks And Portions

A tweak here and a tweak there, making sure that you have plenty of the healthy stuff like berries in your fridge. And always keep a bowl of fruit in your kitchen. Don’t forget nuts when you need a little snack.

Keep a careful eye on your portions, using smaller plates and bowls. But last, and not least, stand at your computer and dance while you’re at it, good for the soul too.

I do this all the time and feel more energetic as a result. In fact I only sit for a few hours in the evening while watching TV. Remember I mentioned that little extra help ? Well if you want a bit of a head start this is the ideal one.

You Can Have Treats

We just don’t do the treats every day.

You too can lose belly fat and have treats.
Lobster Roll

Well anyway this works for me, you should try it, you’ve nothing to lose but the blah, blah blah.

Oh, and another thing, you’ll be so much healthier in the long run.

As Jim Rohn said: Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Clever quote, but so true, and what’s also true is that belly fat can be somewhat dangerous.

Curcumin 2000

I’ve discovered something new, well new to me anyway. In conjunction with your own efforts you could also try Cucumin 2000. A natural, organic herb Curcumin is an active ingredient of Turmeric. Botanical spices used in Chinese medicine like Ayurvedic.

We can all try to keep viruses and inflammation at bay by looking after our immune systems.

Loaded with six vital ingredients and nutrients. These are the backbone of Curcumin 2000. Personally, I’ll take anything that’s natural rather than drugs any day.

The benefits of Turmeric are many but here’s a few. You can use Turmeric in it’s fresh state. Looks a bit like ginger which is not surprising as it’s a flowering plant of the ginger family.

Natural Antibiotic

Natural Antiseptic

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Natural Analgesic

And it’s been known to prevent bloating and gas.  Curcumin is the main active ingredient in Turmeric.

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