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Biodegradable Plastic Bags

First off I’d just like to say that I don’t know why it’s taking so long to manufacture compostable and biodegradable plastic bags…I have received biodegradable bags from time to time but why not all the time…I mean the technology is there for one and the other…with no job losses.

I also think it’s possible to return to the past a little and wrap school lunches in grease proof paper and place in a paper bag…

of course children won’t eat soggy, squashed lunches, so in that case a plastic container could be used so that their sandwiches or whatever lunch they take stay fresh and in one piece.


We have got to protect all life on this planet including plant and animals as well as us humans, otherwise our health issues are going to increase even more…

take a look at what Dr. Vikki Petersen has to tell us about plastic and our health… by Dr. Vikki Petersen

We all really need to make some changes and it’s not all that difficult to do.