Popular Wholefoods For Better Health Choices

Popular Wholefoods For Better Health Choices

Popular wholefoods for better health choices. We’ll all be clamouring to buy at least some of them this year. Vegan and green foods are in demand again. And they’ll be on the list of popular wholefoods for better health choices. All very good news indeed. As a result, we could be making much better wholefood health choices, and God knows it’s not before it’s time.

And there will be tastes and ideas taken from South America, Asia and Oceania.The Whole Foods health store predicts that a new fashion trend in healthy snacks, is on the way this year. This is music to my ears. And we might, with a bit of luck replace the junk ones with popular wholefoods for better health choices.

Pacific Rim flavours

These exotic flavours and ideas come from South America, Asia and Oceania, along with shrimp and cuttlefish.

We’ll have fruits of the Pacific from Oceania to South America. Beautiful, vibrant fruits from the countries across the Pacific can be found in our smoothies and super bowls this year. Most notably the dragon fruit, but also guavas and jackfruit. Both of which are perfect for adding to a salad or grilling on the barbeque, Balinese-style.

While most of us take them in capsule form. But now will have them brought to us already integrated in nutrition bars, nut butters, soups and granola. So much tastier than a supplement any day.

3.Healthy Fats

Are always there, they never went anywhere. It’s so good to know that we can eat healthy fats again, instead of eating many foods low in fat. Now, we can buy coconut butter snacks and those made with ghee will also be the new trend.

healthy fats

Butter Coffee

With nutritionists recently quite taken with the keto diets (more fats, less sugar), paleo (more proteins, no dairy) and even pegan (a hybrid diet of paleo and vegan), healthy fats have never been more popular. The idea is to incor porate healthy fats into a protein rich diet, while avoiding carbohydrates. The healthy fats can be found in nutritional bars containing coconut or MCT oil and even in butter coffee. A new hot drink trend that consists of placing a square of butter with a teaspoon of MCT oil in black coffee. I can’t see that one exciting too many taste buds.

5.Fake Meat

Vegetarian, meaty snacks

Vegans will love this. Following the “impossible burger”. The heme-based steak is uncannily like beef. And many similar vegetarian snacks will appear shortly. Oyster mushrooms, used to recreate the texture and flavor of pork or bacon (aptly coined facon). Meatless bacon crisps and vegan jerky are all on the menu.

6.Long-life Probiotics

We have been used to  buying probiotics from our chemist’s fridge. But natural probiotics live in many fermented products

wholefoods for better choices

Bowl of Kimchi

such as Kimchi, Pickles and Cabbages. So more people will be game to try these different kinds of probiotics. The bowl of Kimchi here looks very appealing to me right now and I’d like to have the recipe.

Many health brands have added probiotics such as coagulans GBI-30 and Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856. All of which sounds like double dutch to me. Granola, oats, nut butters, soups and nutritional bars are already on the shelves.

Wholefoods for better health choices

Coloured Beans,Lentils and Barley

I love adding both green and brown lentils, well, to any dish I can. Barley, and beans of all and any colour get mixed into my stews and soups, quinoa too for good measure.